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Russ Beaton and Chris Maser


This book is about the intersection of economics and ecology and the immense potential of the connection to influence the processes of change within communities. Our thesis is that there is a dominant role for the notion of sustainability in a healthy future-oriented community. Even the mention of these four terms—economics, ecology, community, and sustainability—suggest a daunting task. Volumes have been written on each as a separate topic, not to mention the connections between and among them.

Perhaps therein lies the problem—one inherent in an overspecialized society: the connections between areas of inquiry have been ignored in favor of intense searches for in-depth technical knowledge of such disciplines or topics as individual entities. The motto of the Resource Renewal Institute in San Francisco, an organization devoted to sustainability-based planning throughout the world, is: “We cannot solve some of the environmental problems—we can only solve all of them.”


“This is a book that belongs in every thinking-person’s library. Clear and elegant writing in addition to the critical topic makes this a book to give all your friends!”—Jeanne Enders, Lake Oswego, OR.

“Fight against it as I might, having been trained as an economist, I view much of the world through markets and statistics. Luckily, I have had mentors in the profession who question the narrow vision of standard doctrine. This book serves such a purpose. For non-economists, this book reminds sustainable development advocates that their concepts must make economic sense; for economists, it questions perceived truths, and looks beyond traditional economics to alternative perspectives for important answers.”—Christopher Meier

Reuniting Economy and Ecology in Sustainable Development. 1999. Lewis Publishers, Boca Raton, FL. 108 pp.

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