Posted by: chrismaser | June 2, 2011


ECONOMICS and ECOLOGY: United for a Sustainable World


Russ Beaton and Chris Maser


All systems, those of nature and those of human construct, are governed by nature’s biophysical principles. In turn, the two laws of thermodynamics and the law of maximum entropy control the biophysical principles. These laws and principles are inviolate, yet people who lack a sense of inner security—and thus fear life—can never have enough monetary wealth to feel safe from the specter of uncertainty. Thus, instead of living within the constraints of nature’s laws and biophysical principles through cooperation and sharing, they attempt to subvert these laws and principles to their personal benefit through economic competition and the greed that spawns it. When, however, subversion does not work, they simply ignore nature and discount the welfare of all future generations as irrelevant. Clearly, an economic system is severely broken that allows such blatant disregard for its operating principles of mutual survival and well-being.

Alas, merely throwing money at our broken economic system in a bid to treat symptoms and continue with business as usual will not work. It never has. But, to mend what is broken, we must reach beyond where we feel safe and dare to move ahead, despite the fact that perfect knowledge will always elude us. There are no biological short cuts, technological quick fixes, or political hype embodied in our current symptomatic thinking that can mend what is broken. Dramatic, fundamental change in the form of systemic thinking is necessary if we are to have an economic system able to serve as an instrument of social-environmental sustainability based on the triple bottom line of ecological integrity, social equity, and economic stability.

Chris Maser, Series Editor

Economics and Ecology: United for a Sustainable World. 2011. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.

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