Posted by: chrismaser | August 16, 2011


A small, single-engine airplane just flew by, albeit a long ways away, and what struck me were all the different forms of energy associated with it. Consider the human energy invested in conceptualizing and then devising an airplane in the first place. Next came the effort and expense of getting the materials to build it, the money—also garnered through the expenditure of energy—used to purchase the materials, test them, and the personal energy to fly it. In addition to the energy necessary to produce the materials, obtain them, craft them, and feed the pilot controlling them, there is the archived energy of a star, called “sunlight,” in the fuel that is funneled through the engine to pull the plane through the air by rotating the propeller.

In flying, the plane spilt the current of air, thinning it above the wings so it could float on the thicker air below the wings. Moreover, the energy embodied in a tailwind eases the plane’s passage, whereas a headwind is a resisting force that increases the plane’s usage of fuel. Beyond that was the roaring engine, which I heard miles away—vibrations of energy in the form of sound that reached my ears and drew my attention to the plane, as I sat in my garden watching the clouds form, change, and reform in an endless procession choreographed by the vagaries of the wind as it danced with the moisture-laden air.

In the final analysis, the entire universe is a single, collective of multiple scales and types of energy all interacting simultaneously in ever-changing dynamics throughout our perception of time, from millennia past to the present moment—of which the airplane I saw is but an infinitesimal manifestation.

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