Posted by: chrismaser | July 22, 2012


The ever-changing formations of the silently moving clouds
bear witness to the Infinite Spirit of Universal Creation.


To watch the clouds appear and disappear,
only to appear again in ever-changing form
is to witness and thus partake
of the Eternal, Creative, Spirit of God.


Change, is a universal constant,
a continual process of inexorable novelty.
It’s a condition along a continuum
that may reach a momentary pinnacle of harmony within our senses.
Then, the very process that created the harmony
takes it away and replaces it with something else,
always with something else.


And yet,
it is the clouds
that act as God’s messengers,
bringing life-giving water from the seas of the world
to be distributed as rain and snow across the thirsty lands
and all life thereon and therein.


Change requires constancy as its foil
in order to exist as a dynamic process of eternal becoming.
Without the constancy of Eternal Source,
change could neither exist nor be recognized.
To us on Earth,
the azure of the sky,
when swept clear of clouds,
shines through as change’s foil.


So it is that the face of the whole Earth
nay, the entire universe
is changing from
second to second,
hour by hour,
day after day,
century to century,
millennium dissolving into millennium,
and has been from ever-before
you were conceived and born
to ever-after when you have passed on.


Because change is orchestrated along the interactive web
of universal relationships in the Eternal Now,
it produces infinite novelty
that precludes anything in the cosmos
from ever being reversible.
Because time does not exist
in the realm of Infinite Source.


as we know it,
is but a figment of our imagination.
Thus, we can neither go backward
to a prior condition
nor forward
to an upcoming one.


I have watched the clouds since childhood
in many lands,
from ocean shore to lofty peaks,
from baking desert to steaming jungle,
and everywhere in between.
And, always, they have carried me
through the inner gates of Heaven
to thank the Creator.


And thus I enjoy
the eternal beauty and wonder
of Infinite Creation.
As Lord Buddha said,
“When you realize how perfect everything is
you will tilt your head back
and laugh at the sky.”


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  1. really nice pictures and really captured on good time.Really nice poetry with perfect pictures.

  2. You spoke my thoughts. Today I was meant to find your thoughts. Synchronicity comes from the All Good, letting us know Intuition revealed comes from the only Source.

  3. You are such a beautiful soul. Thank you for being here.

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